LCC Apologise For The Third Time

Lincolnshire County Council have today apologised for the third time in recent weeks. When David Coleman, Chief Legal Officer For Legal Services Lincolnshire stated:

“I will therefore be notifying all staff who may receive calls from you that they should bear in mind that the conversation may be being recorded.”

I stated:

“I take the gravest exception. Had you stated that you would be instructing all staff, at all times, with all callers to bear in mind the legal right of callers to (i) record their own conversations (either by means of taking contemporaneous written notes or audio recordings), or (ii) the importance of remaining civil and courteous, and to keep at the forefront of their respective attentions that they are employed by the Council to serve the public, whom they must treat with due respect, then – and only then – I would take no issue.

However, you state that your instructions will be specific to calls from me.

This is discriminatory, since staff “who may receive calls from you[i.e. me] – as opposed to ALL staff – and the instructions are applicable to me alone.

You will therefore oblige me by recording a formal Corporate Complaint against yourself on grounds of your patent discrimination against me.”

This is not discrimination in the legal sense but discrimination all the same. Of course LCC defended their position but note the apology: “I apologise if any offence was caused but ….”

Apology No 3 (2)

That makes three apologies in recent weeks.

I am looking forward to publishing the “Huttoft Revealed” series in the New Year!

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