Huttoft Revealed – Introduction

For almost a year I gathered documents and recordings with regards Huttoft Car Terrace. These show Lincolnshire Legal Services, Lincolnshire County Council Councillors, Lincolnshire County Council employees, a Local Parish Council and a number of serving Lincolnshire Police Officers in a very poor light.

HCT - July Sign

The Serious Fraud Office state fraud “is an act of deception intended for personal gain or to cause a loss to another party”. I believe that fraud has been committed by Lincolnshire County Council as the objective was clearly to deny motorhomers the right to park for free overnight at Huttoft Car Terrace, although this was never stated. I believe I will prove the deception and that there has been a loss to another party (motorhomers).

It is for the court of public opinion to decide if a fraud has been committed.

For further information please see Huttoft Revealed

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