Huttoft Revealed – Huttoft Parish Council

Huttoft Revealed would not be complete without considering the disgraceful conduct of Huttoft Parish Council.

The Walkout

How can we forget the disgraceful walkout?

Recording Meetings

Many believe that the recording of public meetings has only been legal since the summer of 2014 (after the HPC walkout). In truth this has been possible for years as confirmed by Andrew Trotter, Chair of ACPO, in August 2010.

ACPO - Photographs (2)

Reason For Walkout

As recording a public meeting is legal why did the HPC walkout when the subject was the Huttoft Sex Ring?

Could it be, as reported, that one of the councillors appears to have a weak bladder as he frequents the local public toilets many times a day in the summer especially when children are in the toilets?

Further Information

For further information please see Huttoft Revealed

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