Huttoft Revealed – Hmm How Strange

Hmm How Strange is the second in a series of five emails that Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) did not want me to see.

I would like to thank my contact at LCC for making them available to me unredacted.

Paul 17 Apr (2)

Aspects to be considered:

  • “now a car has been set on fire on the slip road to the terrace at 21.15ish, what a coincidence!” It certainly was. Paul Barrett was overheard leaving the Huttoft Parish Council meeting just before 20.30 saying to a friend “Lets go and do it” The car was on fire 15 minutes later when I and others arrived. Paul Barrett was seen on the Car Terrace minutes earlier. The Police never investigated. No statements were taken.
  • “our man in the green VW” It is clear from this statement that the case against Mr Alexander Sprott is a malicious prosecution (I shall reveal further evidence to support this statement in due course).
  • “I went up and spoke to the police that were attending the fire they were aware of the problems and that they were to do regular patrols. They said they would “knock” on some doors and tell them they should not be there” The Police have no lawful right to knock on vehicles doors as this is a civil matter.
  • “Lets see how long it is before we are back to where we were this time last year, I for one will not give up on this issue” This clearly demonstrates how obsessive Mr Barrett is about Huttoft Car Terrace. Or is he being paid or provided with some other incentive to “show” such an interest? If so by whom?
  • “take care Steve and have a good weekend- Paul” Is it acceptable that a known thug and a County Councillor are so familiar with each other?

For further information please see Huttoft Revealed

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