Victoria Atkins – Conservative Candidate for Louth and Horncastle

Victoria Atkins is the Conservative Candidate for Louth & Horncastle. Councillor Colin Davie is part of her election campaign team.

Email To Victoria Atkins

—– Original Message —–

From: Andy Strangeway


Cc: paul.fisher

Sent: Sunday, January 25, 2015 4:54 PM

Subject: Councillor Colin Davie

Dear Victoria,

Could I please refer you to the “Scandal of Huttoft Revealed”

(At this moment in time there are an estimated 15 further parts to publish.)

For your ease of reference, I have copied an email sent from Councillor Colin Davie to a Mr Paul Barratt, a well known and infamous thug that lives near the Huttoft Terrace.

The link is:

Colin 17 Apr (2)

In this communication, you will see in the first paragraph, Councillor Davie states ‘…I am sure you will want to forcibly point out…’

This emotive language to someone of Barrett’s proven and notorious character can only mean one thing to him – and that is, – on meeting me, he should be violent.

In my opinion, this can be viewed in no other way than as an incitement to commit an illegal act, and by a so called responsible and educated man in a position of power.

I ask you then:

  • Do you agree with the sentiment contained in the email, or is it an anathema to you as well?
  • Can you condone this call to action from Councillor Davie to a violent individual against someone who quite simply has a contra view to him? Someone who is peacefully campaigning to get LCC to understand that their activities at the Huttoft Car Terrace are not in the Public interest and are discriminatory?

Could I please request your definitive answers to the following two questions within the next five working days?

  • Do you support Councillor Davie inciting a member of the public to be violent towards me?
  • Having read this email from Councillor Davie do you believe it appropriate that he has any further involvement in your campaign?

If I receive no response from you within 5 working days I will take this as confirmation that:

  • You support Councillor Davie inciting a member of the public to be violent towards me.
  • Having read this email from Councillor Davie you believe it appropriate that he continues to be involved in your campaign.

Kindest Regards,

Andy Strangeway

“(Yorkshiremen are) richly endowed with that gritty determination, that wilful refusal to give up and that sheer bloody-mindedness that eventually prevails.” Sir Bernard Ingham

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