Huttoft Revealed – Motorized Town

Motorized Town is the fourth in a series of five emails that Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) did not want me to see.

I would like to thank my contact at LCC for making them available to me unredacted.

Steve 22 Apr (2)

Mr Palmer states:

  • “I quite agree but I was listening to Mr. Strangeways carefully” – I am honoured!
  • “he indicated they were not parked on the slip road but queuing for access.” – Correct, we were queueing.
  • “We need to try and be ahead of the game if possible and not just reacting.” You will always be reacting to me!
  • “Inspector Haigh showed me the actual law and it states that you have to show the obstruction is with intent and that is why it is difficult to prosecute for obstruction.” DUE TO LEGAL REASONS I WILL RETURN TO THIS IN DUE COURSE
  • “Also I would not put it past them to use people with blue badges to get around double yellows.” It is clear that Lincolnshire County Council have no respect for the disabled as they breach disabled legislation whereas we campaign for their rights. Do not insult the disabled by implying that they can be “used”. It is a disgrace to imply such a thing.
  • “Not being a policeman or a legal expert I fully confess to be not to sure of my ground on some issues” – Mr Palmer finally speaks sense.

For further information please see Huttoft Revealed

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