Huttoft Revealed – A Full House On The Terrace

A Full House On The Terrace is the fifth in a series of five emails that Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) did not want me to see.

I would like to thank my contact at LCC for making them available to me unredacted.

Paul 4 May (2)

Mr Barrett, the local thug states:

  • I went up to the terrace this morning at 5.30am to see who had stayed the night and all of them had, flip flop (Strangeway) was leaving at the same time” False – I left at 05.10 and crossed the Humber Bridge, 60 miles away, at 06.30.
  • “when I turned around and came back flip flop had stopped at the bottom of the approach road in the centre of the road and stopped me from leaving, it was a stand off for a few minutes until he decided he wanted to move,” False

This email proves Mr Paul Barrett is a liar and demonstrates that Lincolnshire County Council have relied on the statements of a liar.

Open Letter To Paul Barrett

Dear Mr Barrett,

You know what I state is fact.

Of course you have the right to attempt to prosecute me.

I would welcome this and would look forward to providing my evidence in court of law.

NB: This will include information few know about you!!

Kindest regards,

Andy Strangeway

For further information please see Huttoft Revealed

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