In Defence Of Alex Sprott

ASOP supporter Alex Sprott is in court on Thursday 2nd April to defend his case against charges that he breached the Lincolnshire Byelaw for Pleasure Grounds, Public Walks and Open Spaces by parking overnight at Huttoft Car Terrace in his VW van to enjoy his hobby of sea fishing.


Alex’s Defence

  1. Alex has a permit to park overnight and his vehicle is below 1.9m.
  2. Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) now state that the “permit is valid from date of issue” yet the only evidence to support this statement is retrospective. No one issued a permit was informed of this.
  3. Alex received a letter for his first alleged offence which stated “if this is your first time take this as a warning”. Upon receiving this letter Alex applied for a permit.
  4. He did not receive a second letter for the second alleged offence although LCC state he did.
  5. There has already been a test case which agreed there was not adequate signage at Huttoft Car Terrace.
  6. Huttoft Car Terrace has three distinct sections – the entrance, south wing and north wing. Only one sign was occasionally displayed in the entrance area. This clearly implied that the restrictions applied to the entrance area only.
  7. The sign should have stated that overnight parking was permitted with a permit but failed to do so.
  8. The sign falsely stated “no overnight parking” when it should have stated “no overnight parking of motor vehicles” as the byelaw permits the parking of a bicycle, inflatable, trailer and wheelchair.
  9. LCC recently accepted that there was not adequate signage when they erected signs on the south wing.
  10. The prosecution statement that vehicle is over 1.9m is for a different model than Alex’s van.
  11. Lincolnshire Police are discredited with regards their handling of the Huttoft Car Terrace fiasco as we have footage of them on two occasions making false accusations of crimes committed.
  12. Alex was targeted by LCC as confirmed by a statement from Councillor Colin Davie “we will target ringleaders”. I believe this demonstrates that this is a malicious prosecution.
  13. Alex was targeted by LCC as confirmed by a statement from Paul Barrett “our man in the green VW” . I believe this demonstrates that this is a malicious prosecution.
  14. “Motorhomers” have clearly been targeted as no “doggers” have received a summons despite the fact that up to 20 park on Huttoft Car Terrace after 22.00 on most Friday and Saturday nights.
  15. LCC have breached the DVLA terms for releasing Alex’s details as the information supplied by them should only be used once yet has been used twice.

Donations Required

A solicitor will be engaged tomorrow morning to defend Alex. This will cost £1,200.

Could I please ask everyone to donate what they can? Please mark your donation “In Defence of Alex”.

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Thank you.

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