Huttoft Car Terrace – Appeal Launched

This morning in Boston magistrates court I witnessed a miscarriage of justice I believed I would never witness in the UK.

Boston Court

The magistrate ignored the vast majority of our defence and found Alex Sprott guilty on both charges. In essence all the magistrate considered was the height of Alex’s van which must not exceed 1.9m. Alex has a permit which allows him to park overnight so long as his vehicle does not exceed 1.9m in height

  • The prosecution provided evidence that the generic vehicle left the factory in 1997 at 1.94m high.
  • Alex provided a recent photo of the vehicle showing it to be 1.87m high.
  • The prosecution provide no evidence for the height of the vehicle either for the nights in question or for 2014/15.

The magistrate accepted the factory data from 1997 and found Alex guilty despite the fact that there was reasonable doubt on this aspect alone.


Lets talk colour instead of height. A green vehicle leaves the factory in 1997. The current owner provides evidence in 2015 that it is red. There is no evidence as to the colour being green in 2015 but the magistrate accepts that it is.

Absolute madness.

Appeal Launched

Before leaving the court an appeal was launched.

LCC Costs

Although the Lincolnshire County Council legal representation, who travelled up from London, charged £1,500 for his services to LCC the court only awarded costs of £500 against Alex. In addition to this was a £300 fine and a victim support payment of £30 making £830 in total. No payment is due until after the verdict of the appeal.

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